Your child’s vision is crucial to many things growing up. School performance will be hampered by poor vision. Up-close reading as well as seeing the board will be difficult. Subsequent interference with hand-eye coordination will affect handwriting.

Eye exams should begin as early as six months of age to make sure that their eyes are healthy and there are no vision problems. This exam will consist of a test of fixate and follow, pupil response, and preferential looking (choosing to look at a printed card as opposed to a blank one). At six months of age, a baby’s ability to focus, depth perception, and color vision should be as good as an adult’s.

The second eye exam should be at age 3 with another at age 5 or 6 or before entering first grade. After first grade, eye exams should be done every other year if no correction is needed. If glasses or contacts are needed at that point, the eye exam should be every year unless another interval is recommended by the doctor.

Good vision will help a child with their education, life skills, and socialization. Discovering any problems early is the goal of beginning eye exams at such a young age.

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