Contact Lens Examination

Eye examinations are not all the same. There are routine exams, comprehensive exams, and contact lens exams.

Routine exams check eye health and provide a prescription for eyeglasses.

Comprehensive exams allow the doctor to check for signs of overall health, not just for the eyes. Conditions such as diabetes and hypertension can be detected by looking inside the eyes.

A contact lens exam checks eye health and provides an eyeglass prescription as well as a prescription for contact lenses. The examination is more technical and requires specialized equipment.

A contact lens prescription is different from an eyeglass prescription because the contact lens has to correct vision from a focal point directly on the eye as well as needs to be a perfect fit for the contour of the eye. Eyeglass prescriptions are calculated from a focal point several centimeters away from the eye.

If the contacts prescription is incorrect, vision will not be corrected, and the lenses will be uncomfortable or even damage the eyes.

Once the correct prescription is determined, the type of contact needs to be chosen. Many different contacts are available, depending on the type of prescription needed. They are also available in hard, soft, and colored to change eye color. Dr. Jodi Shepard will help the patient choose the best option.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Eyexam of California offers contact lens examinations in Hayward, California.