Digital Eye Exam

At Eyexam of California in Hayward, California, Dr. Jodi Shepard is committed to providing the highest quality eye care available. The first step of this specialized care involves a digital eye exam with a new system called Clarifye.

Clarifye uses advanced technology to provide map the eye and accurately determine the proper eyeglass prescription. This extraordinary system offers a more detailed and comprehensive evaluation of the eyes.

Clarifye also offers better correction for patients with night vision issues, making night driving much safer. A prescription can be given to help with light halos, glare, and starbursts.

Getting an eye exam is much with Clarifye is much easier than with traditional methods. There is less choosing which looks better, 1 or 2. The patient gains knowledge of their overall health and a clearer understanding of their eyes.

As with the advancement of digital imaging for easier and more defined radiographs inside the mouth, digital exams will allow for more in-depth examinations and more precise prescriptions to improve vision in all patients.

To experience your first digital examination, call (510) 921-5242 to make an appointment.