Lasik Co-Management

Are you considering LASIK surgery? Do you have questions about the effectiveness, risks, and recovery from LASIK surgery? Did you know that your regular eye doctor can help you make your decision? Yes, we have all the pertinent information you need!

Even though LASIK surgery is not done in our office, Dr. Jodi Shepard offers co-management to LASIK procedures. At Eyexam of California, we can do a specific examination to determine if a patient is eligible for LASIK, do LASIK education on the procedure and recovery, and provide pre-operative and post-operative care.

Besides pre-op services, Dr. Shepard will refer the patient to an expert LASIK surgeon with whom she has a good working relationship. She and the surgeon will work together to provide the best LASIK experience possible.

A LASIK examination will take 15 to 20 minutes longer than a regular comprehensive exam. The exam will determine if the cornea is thick enough and the pupil is the correct size for a successful LASIK procedure as well as locate any other physical characteristics that would be contraindicated.

Dr. Shepard will explain how the procedure is done and what to expect before, during, and after. Vision expectations will be discussed as well as the risks involved.

After LASIK is completed, typical postoperative follow-up includes up to four office visits in our office. Visual acuity is measured, and corneal healing is followed.

If you have questions about LASIK surgery, make an appointment to discuss it with Dr. Shepard.